Saturday, October 4, 2008

2008 Football Season

We are almost done with our season, we have 3 games left. I have been starting as quarterback and having a lot of fun. I am really good and I will probably be recruited by BYU early. I probably won't finish my senior year and I'll just go strait into college. It will be awesome look out Max Hall, you're about to lose your spot to a 17 year do you feel now? Heisman here I come!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Basketball Baby!

This is me sinkin' it in that kid's face! Look at my beautiful form...text book!

Eat, Drink, Sleep Football

Football started already! I have been practicing A LOT! I am playing quarterback and have been working my @#%! off! I have a scrimage tonight that I am so nervous about I peed my pants twice before mom was mad. I want everyone to come it's at 7:00pm at the high school. If you love me you'll be there. Olympus is the best! Titan Pride! Go OLY! Olympus fight for fame and glory! Go "O" line...please go line!?!